Your invisalign dentist

Surveys say a great smile puts you on track to a job promotion and a better love life, while health experts conclude that having straight teeth is the only way to ensure your teeth will be kept in good working condition late into life. But I don't need to remind you of that: the reason you're reading this article is because you want better straighter, healthier teeth, and want to know your options. If you live in the Cheshire area and are thinking about getting braces but hate the thought of having a mouth full of metal wires, call Higher Lane Practice today and arrange for a consultation with our Invisalign Dentist and get the smile you’ve always dreamed of!  

How can Invisalign help me?

A recent study by the British Orthodontic Society revealed that 45% of adults are dissatisfied with the look of their teeth and 20% would consider having some form of dental treatment. It is certainly true that straighter, more aligned teeth look better. Nobody wants misaligned, crooked teeth due to their appearance, but people have poor teeth mainly due to busy lives and stretched wallets. What people may not realise is that oral health is also greatly affected by poor dental alignment – problems with brushing will occur when cleaning crooked teeth, where the tooth brush will not reach all areas of the mouth. Tooth decay is a major factor, as well as gum disease or gingivitis, which can be very harmful to oral health – resulting in bad breath, receding gums, pain and discomfort in the mouth and eventually cause tooth loss. What people do not realise is that early investment into your teeth will most likely save a lot of money in future, as well as a lot of pain and inconvenience. Invisalign is an example of one of the most respected dental correction methods. Invisalign braces are recognised worldwide as a very effective form of orthodontic treatment. Invisalign treatment involves the use of  a range of different clear, removable teeth aligners used as an alternative to traditional metal dental braces. As of early 2012 there have been over a million successful Invisalign procedures carried out.  It is immediately apparent that a real advantage of the Invisalign process is cosmetic: the aligners are completely transparent, and much less visible than traditional wire and bracket braces. Adults and teens who want to straighten their teeth without the look of traditional metal braces are particularly drawn to this method, for reasons of social, career and personal sensibilities. Comfort is a factor using Invisalign Braces, and a real benefit when eating food is that the orthodontic brace can be removed at any time, briefly, for instance to eat food. If you have any questions about Invisalign braces, call our Invisalign dentist today. We can answer any queries you might have, or arrange for you to have a consultation to discuss your options in detail.

Are there any Side Effects of Invisalign?

From a clinical and dental perspective, the Invisalign aligners avoid many of the side effects of traditional fixed braces, for example the effects on areas of the mouth such as the gums and supporting tissues. Traditional treatment will mostly cause the roots of teeth to shorten, otherwise known as “root resorption” which results in a weaker set of teeth more prone to tooth damage in later life. Another issue is demineralisation: whereby tooth decay occurs in up to 50% of patients since the dental retainers cannot be removed for eating or cleaning, resulting in food remaining in place. Invisalign aligners are removable, making it easy to brush your teeth, eat or drink, or do sport. Another benefit with Invisalign is that patients receive a staged process of dental treatment, in that a new set of custom orthodontic aligners are introduced approximately every two weeks. Invisalign aligners exert less force on the tooth per week and less pain in the mouth than traditional metal braces. On the other hand fixed appliances such as traditional braces are adjusted less frequently (6-8 weeks) and must necessarily apply greater force onto the teeth.

Advice on choosing Invisalign invisible braces

The dental patient must commit wholeheartedly to the Invisalign orthodontic programme for it to work. Not to the extent of traditional fixed braces, however Invisalign braces are dependent on your habits and cooperation. The success of the Invisalign aligners is based on a patient's commitment to wear the appliance for a minimum of 20–22 hours per day. You must only remove the orthodontic equipment whilst eating or brushing your teeth.  Higher Lane Dental Practice now offers Invisalign treatments from £1100. Our Invisalign Dentist can answer any queries and address any worries you might have. You can arrange for a consultation by calling the Practice today on 01925 752209. Higher Lane Dental Practice is situated in the village of Lymm, Cheshire close to Warrington, Manchester and Liverpool city centres.