A spa day for your teeth!


Dental hygiene services

You won’t believe just how clean and fresh your mouth will feel after hygiene therapy at Higher Lane Dental Practice. Our range of hygiene services will help keep your teeth sparkling and your gums healthy. To make things a little easier, we offer patients a bespoke dental hygiene menu from which you can choose a clean that suits you best.

Our experienced dental hygienists promote oral health and give you the skills and the confidence you need to maintain the healthy mouths of your whole family.

You can access our hygiene services as often as you like for that squeaky clean feeling.

Less risk of gum disease

Bleeding gums and other gum problems are something we take very seriously here at Higher Lane Dental Practice. Hygiene therapy may reduce the risk of developing several serious medical conditions linked with gum disease. A surprising 90 per cent of us suffer from gum disease at some point in our lives. But with carefully considered dental care, the risks can be easily controlled.

By teaching children the most effective brushing techniques from a young age, they will take these skills into adulthood. We can provide preventative education and show parents how to lead by example when brushing and flossing at home. 

Our high quality dental care services will help to keep mouths free from tooth decay and gum disease. Hygiene therapy can also prevent and treat bad breath.

Through a combination of our skill and care, plus your own oral hygiene efforts at home, you can ensure your teeth and gums remain in tip-top condition for life. Instead of filling decayed teeth, we believe in investing time improving your oral care routine. This way all our patients can maintain a healthy, happy mouth.

A sparkling, healthier smile

Following a visit to one of our lovely hygienists, you can enjoy that squeaky clean, shiny feel of professionally cleaned teeth.

During your appointment, we can provide oral hygiene advice, plus remove stain, tartar, hard deposits and plaque from the most hard to reach areas. Your teeth will be professionally cleaned with special equipment and pastes - a process also known as scaling and polishing. Your hygienist will prevent and treat gum disease as well as advise you on the best brushing techniques to keep your teeth free of plaque.

We'll give you tips on flossing and using inter-dental brushes. If you have a bridge, denture, brace or a dental implant, you will have specific hygiene needs that the hygienist will be able to assist you with. At Higher Lane Dental Practice we can also offer dietary advice and other information such as how to give up smoking.

Dental hygiene FAQs

Why use dental hygiene therapy?

Attending regular hygiene check-ups helps maintain your oral health, as well as prevents infections and diseases. Hygiene therapy forms part a of preventative approach to keep your smile happy and healthy. If you avoid visiting the dentist for hygiene appointments, it could potentially lead to undiscovered infections, diseases or even undetected mouth cancer. The best way to prevent dental problems and achieve good oral hygiene is to visit us regularly.


How often should I have oral hygiene check-ups?

Depending on your level of oral hygiene, we will recommend a check-up to be booked every 3 to 6 months. This way we can use preventative care to eliminate diseases or infections. Brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day will tackle the cleanliness and appearance of your teeth. However, what you cannot see in the mirror requires our recommended twice a year hygienist visit to maintain your dental health and keep your whole mouth happy.


Should I continue my usual hygiene check-ups after having implants fitted?

Oral hygiene check-ups are just as important for implants as they are for teeth. Bacteria can accumulate around the implants which can lead to infections potentially threatening the success of the rehabilitation.