Tooth whitening

Many people have considered tooth whitening at some point. Whiter teeth look more attractive, as they appear cleaner and healthier. But why do teeth discolour, and what can be done to correct this? 
About tooth whitening

As you get older your teeth will naturally adopt a darker shade of colour, and tooth shade can also be inherited, and may, therefore, be unavoidable. There are other causes of teeth becoming darker or yellowing, such as certain antibiotics or cracks in the teeth which are naturally prone to staining. Also, any damage to the dental nerve – be it through injury, infection or dental work, can cause premature discolouration. Staining and discolouration of the teeth is accelerated by the consumption of coffee, tea, red wine and other foods containing colourings. It is also acknowledged that another cause of premature tooth darkening is smoking, as well as tooth decay, tartar and fillings, which can all discolour your teeth. Any combination of the above issues or substances will have an even greater effect.
I am considering teeth whitening, what do I do now?

Your first stop when thinking about teeth whitening is to ensure your teeth are being looked after correctly – any significant build-up of plaque / tartar, or instances of tooth decay must first be addressed. The best advice is to see a specialist tooth whitening dentist, who will be able to advise you on the condition of your teeth, and advise whether they are ready for the tooth whitening process.  Higher Lane Dental Practice offer numerous teeth whitening procedures. Call us on 01925 752 209 or fill out our online form to find out more. The Practice is located in Lymm in Cheshire, near to Manchester, Warrington, Liverpool and Chester city centres.
The tooth whitening process

Once your dentist has completed a thorough oral examination and stated you are ready to start a tooth whitening programme, you be given a choice of different types of whitening treatment. There are several options available to dental patients considering tooth whitening. Higher Lane Dental Practice, an approved and experienced tooth whitening dentist located in Cheshire, offer the following treatments:
Enlighten tooth whitening

This form of teeth whitening is a combination of two methods – a home based kit and an in-house teeth whitening session. Initially, your dentist takes a wax mould of your teeth which is used to produce a custom bleaching tray which is designed exactly to fit your mouth. You will then wear the mould and a special whitening gel, for the next two weeks at night. This process is then followed up by a deep bleaching session at your dentist. 
Click for more information on the Enlighten tooth whitening process.
Zoom tooth whitening

The Zoom™ teeth whitening process is one of the most popular dental cosmetic techniques (it has been featured on the Television programme “Extreme Makeover”. Zoom is one of the most effective forms of tooth whitening, and whilst the overall effectiveness of this treatment depends on the overall condition of your teeth, the effects of this form of treatment can last for 3 years, providing the damaging substances mentioned above are not taken in excess. Click for more information on the Zoom tooth whitening process.
Take home tray tooth whitening system

Higher Lane Dental Practice also offer Home teeth whitening kits, which means you can choose to whiten your teeth at your own convenience without leaving the home. Beware of buying such kits on the internet! Buy your kit from a registered tooth whitening dentist to avoid damage to your teeth. Click for more information on the take home tray tooth whitening process.