Speed dating smiles!

It turns out that men and women are looking for the same thing after all……straight white teeth!

Don’t worry if you feel like your hair isn’t voluminous enough, your legs are too short or your shoulders too narrow…just make sure you have a nice smile!  

The latest figures (from Invisalign and match.com) show that over 60% of singles rank teeth as the most important characteristic when considering a potential love match. 

It’s no coincidence that Cheryl Cole, who has just been voted as having the world’s best smile is also voted one of the world’s most fanciable females (even though she also runs away with the prizes for best hair, best body, best style…the list is endless!). 

Psychologists agree that a wide smile is considered attractive to the opposite sex as it conveys openness and confidence. But we all know that you have to have feel comfortable with your teeth to be able to smile with ease.  

Many of us don’t have that confidence… in fact it has been discovered that over a quarter of us are more concerned about our crooked smiles than our wrinkles or wobbly thighs and stomachs. 

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Grammar was second on the list of desirable characteristics… but don’t worry if the intricacies of the English language aren’t your forte…all you have to do is smile!