Diamonds are a dentist’s best friend?

Researchers from UCLA have revealed that tiny ball-shaped diamonds called nanodiamonds can be used to aid bone growth and also make dental implants more durable!

Nanodiamonds are formed as a byproduct of mining and refining procedures and are extremely small, measuring only 4-5nm in diameter and are invisible to the naked eye.

The tiny gems are being hailed as a revolutionary approach to bone diseases such as osteonecrosis which can affect the jaw. Bone repair operations are invasive and very costly procedures, and involve the insertion of a sponge which helps to deliver proteins that promote bone growth to the damaged bone.

Nanodiamonds bind rapidly to both proteins and growth factors and can therefore be used instead of the sponge. They are introduced to the body by injection or oral rinse, which are much less invasive administrations in comparison to an operation. The future of dental implants?  dental-implants-toothWhen a patient receives a dental implant, the tissue (2) surrounding the missing tooth is retracted to expose the bone (5). An opening is created surgically so the implant anchor (3) can be secured, and the custom-made tooth (1) is then attached to the anchor.

A good supply of local bone is a necessity to ensure the dental implant is a success.

If the patient is suffering from bone loss, due to other dental procedures such as removable dentures or dental bridges, or from a biological condition such as osteonecrosis, there may not be enough local bone to ensure the prosthetic tooth is secure.

Administration of nanodiamonds may therefore be revolutionary in helping patients regain bone volume to ensure that dental implants remain stable.

It certainly brings a new meaning to the phrase “million-dollar smile”!

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