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Teeth straightening

Discreet adult & teen braces

Invisalign® braces will straighten your teeth the invisible way! An attractive smile can change everything. If you are considering Invisalign® treatment in the Cheshire area and would like to book your consultation with our Invisalign® Dentist, call us today on 01925 75 22 09. Alternatively, you can fill out our contact form and we will get back to you ASAP.

You can see for yourself just how much Invisalign® braces can transform your smile by visiting our Gallery section for some before and after photos. We also offer Invisalign Teen®, a solution specifically designed for teenagers. As Invisalign® braces are virtually invisible, even the most self-conscious of teenagers can smile with confidence throughout the Invisalign® treatment process. If you are looking for a cost-effective way to improve your smile, you will be interested to hear about our Invisalign Lite® treatment program, as well as our current Invisalign offers.


Let your brace be your secret

Invisalign® is a gradual method of straightening your teeth in an almost invisible way. The orthodontic treatment uses a series of custom-made clear trays called aligners. Discreet, comfortable and removable, the brace won't interfere with your lifestyle. It can treat a wide range of orthodontic concerns, including crooked teeth, gaps and crowded mouths.

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Invisalign® teen

Your child’s teenage years can be hard enough without the added burden of being worried about their smile. Problems with their teeth can make children and teenagers incredibly self-conscious, and can even start to affect their confidence and self-esteem. Invisalign Teen® is one of the more recent additions to the Invisalign range, and has been specially developed with teenage patients in mind (11-18 years).



Invisalign® Lite

Invisalign® Lite is the ideal clinical solution for those who want an affordable way to improve their smiles. It can be used for simple corrections of up to 2mm crowding or spacing, and for improving the position of teeth prior to cosmetic procedures, such as veneers, crowns, composites or whitening. Using Invisalign® treatment prior to other procedures results in less enamel reduction and produces better tooth profiles. The treatment time is shorter (maximum 6 months using up to 14 aligners) and more cost effective.


Invisalign® i7

The new addition to the Invisalign family, Invisalign® i7 is specifically designed to achieve minor tooth movements in patients with minor crowding, spacing or orthodontic relapse.